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Tiny cleaner’s overnight adventures capture man’s attention


Jan 9, 2024


Man fondly calls his nightly visitor ‘Welsh Tidy Mouse’ as it cleans his shed overnight

75-year-old wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook is seen setting his night-vision camera. — Animal News Agency/Sky News
75-year-old wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook is seen setting his night-vision camera. — Animal News Agency/Sky News

A wildlife enthusiast photographer finds himself spellbound by an unexpected visitor’s nightly adventures.

The tiny but diligent cleaner, fondly named “Welsh Tidy Mouse,” has turned the photographer’s shed into the stage for an enchanting spectacle in the serene town of Powys.

The 75-year-old wildlife enthusiast, Rodney Holbrook, told Sky News about the captivating sequence of events that began with a perplexing discovery. Initially, it was the disappearance of nuts from his shed that caught his attention.

“One morning, I went in early October and there were no nuts in there, and I thought I put nuts in yesterday,” he recounted, bewildered by the mystery.

However, the plot thickened as more items vanished only to reappear neatly arranged in a box. Determined to uncover the truth, Holbrook set up a night camera. What it captured was both bewildering and fascinating – a tiny mouse meticulously tidying up the shed.

Despite Holbrook’s belief that the mouse might not be a permanent resident, its nightly visits have become a routine occurrence. “I haven’t found out how it’s getting in, so I don’t think it’s actually living in there. It could be,” he mused, adding to the intrigue surrounding this diligent rodent’s adventures.

Remarkably, this industrious mouse isn’t alone in its nightly escapades. While primarily a solo act, Holbrook witnessed occasional appearances by other mice, hinting at a shared interest in the hidden stash of nuts.

“It’s only the one doing it, but I’ve had one video where I saw two on there, or three counting the one tidying up,” he shared.

Holbrook’s observations hint at a clever strategy employed by the “Welsh Tidy Mouse.” Alongside its tidying, it seems to be strategically hiding nuts under items, possibly to safeguard its treasure trove from potential competitors.

Despite suggestions to orchestrate comedic scenarios, Holbrook prefers to let nature take its course. “I’m just leaving it as it is. Just naturally let whatever’s going to happen happen,” he remarked, embracing the charm and mystery of the tiny cleaner’s nightly rituals.


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