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Bilal Abbas talks anxiety, the healing power of faith


Jan 9, 2024


In an industry often draped in glamour and stardom, many celebs are increasingly recognising the need for a crucial dialogue on mental well-being and vulnerability behind the red carpet. Joining the conversation, Pakistani actor Bilal Abbas Khan has put his two cents in on anxiety and stress, two conditions on the rise.

Renowned for his acting roles in TV dramas such as Kuch Ankhahi and Cheekh, Bilal shared an Insta Story with fans where he underscored experiences of bad mental health across time and regardless of one’s proximity to faith. “Anxiety, stress, grief, pain, and suffering were endured by prophets too and many underneath them as it’s an ongoing process and a part of life,” the actor maintained. 

As per Bilal, pivotal to escaping such turmoil is an active spiritual connection. “Surrendering to the Almighty with your heart and soul will allow miracles,” he insisted, underlining how recovery is always a long journey. “It can take time and drain you, but it will happen. Just stay consistent and keep believing.”

Offering a crucial reminder that no one is alone in their pain, Bilal addressed his audience, “In case, anyone is dealing with this, we all do somehow. That’s the key.” The star concluded his heartfelt note with a prayer, “May Allah help those who are struggling with this.” In a society grappling with the persistent stigma surrounding mental health, Bilal’s message is poignant, shedding light on the universal impact of such challenges and emphasising that anyone can be affected.

From Pyaar Ke Sadqay to O Rangreza and Ishq Murshid, the star has garnered an exemplary image in the industry, which many look upon as ideal. Earlier, Bilal shared his secret to a blissful life. In a video uploaded by the Cheekh actor on Insta, he can be seen grooming his beard, while a motivational song plays in the background.

“Make your health a priority,” wrote Bilal in the caption, proceeding to list down a few tips for his fans. “Take your prayers seriously. Talk to the people you trust and be around only those who genuinely care,” he suggested.

He also advised people to steer clear of “judgmental people” and surround themselves with similar-minded folks. “Stay very far away from judgmental people and close to like-minded people. This can be a miracle for you, in case you need it. Look after yourself,” Bilal said, adding a heart emoji at the end.

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