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Javed Ali performed ‘wuzu’ before performing ‘Kun Faya Kun’


Jan 6, 2024


AR Rahman’s mesmerising composition, Kun Faya Kun, from the film Rockstar, is celebrated as one of his masterpieces. In a recent revelation by singer Javed Ali, who lent his vocals to the song, a unique ritual preceded the recording – a ritual akin to prayer.

Speaking to The Music Podcast, Javed Ali shared that when he was poised to record Kun Faya Kun, Rahman asked him a question that elevated the experience. “I remember I was singing Kun Faya Kun, and I was just standing there, ready to record. He asked, ‘Have you done ‘wuzu‘?’ He said, ‘Please do that first,’ so I did that sincerely. Even after doing ‘wuzu,’ I put on a cap, and that’s when I recorded the song,” recalled Javed.

During the recording, the atmosphere took on a sacred ambiance. The entire studio was enveloped in darkness, illuminated only by the flicker of a candle. Javed reminisced, “The entire studio was blacked out, we only had a candle light. It was just Irshad saab (Kamil, lyricist), Rahman sir, and me, just the three of us, and we recorded the song. It felt like we were all praying, and people can feel that too when they listen to the song. Even now, when I perform the song on stage, I cover my head.”

Javed Ali emphasised Rahman’s respect for artistic collaboration, stating, “He gives a lot of freedom to his artists. If I have an input in a song, he really respects it. I have learned a lot of techniques from him. There is divine energy in his surrounding area.”

The collaboration between Javed Ali and AR Rahman dates back to 2008’s Jodha Akbar, where they first worked together on Jashn-e-Bahara. Reflecting on their musical journey, Javed expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Rahman, including their collaboration on Raanjhana’s Tum Tak. In a previous conversation with Hindustan Times, Javed highlighted how he cut short his vacation to record the song with Rahman, underscoring the profound connection they share.

In essence, the recording of Kun Faya Kun transcended the conventional studio experience, evolving into a spiritual endeavour marked by reverence and dedication – a testament to the profound artistic synergy between Javed Ali and AR Rahman.

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