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Zack Snyder shuns ‘Rebel Moon’ critics: ‘No:1 movie’


‘Rebel Moon’ director Zack Snyder rejects critics’ attacks as the film dominated Netflix streaming chart

Zack Snyder shuns Rebel Moon critics: No:1 movie
Zack Snyder shuns ‘Rebel Moon’ critics: ‘No:1 movie’

Rebel Moon is dominating the Netflix charts. However, the film apparently failed to win the critics’ approval. But the movie’s director, Zack Snyder, is unconcerned about their scathing reviews as he has already called his film “Number 1.”

Following the movie’s record-breaking viewership, the Justice League‘s filmmaker took to Twitter to announce, “Number 1 movie in the world period!!!! Thank you.”

Zack previously welcomed the grand reception to the sci-fi movie, “It’s been a truly unparalleled experience introducing Rebel Moon to global audiences, and I’m thrilled that the movie is #1 around the world.”

He continued, “We have the most dedicated and loyal fans across the world that any filmmaker could ask for, and seeing them consistently be supportive has been an enormously rewarding experience.”

In the meantime, Zack also teased the film’s director’s cuts, which will be R-rated. 

“It’s a full hour longer,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s not just slightly different or a little bit more. There are big chunks of the movie that are different. A lot more stuff is fleshed out.”


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