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Yumna Zaidi celebrates ‘Tere Bin’ milestone


Dec 29, 2023


Amid wide praise and some controversy, the Yumna Zaidi-Wahaj Ali led drama series Tere Bin has emerged as a major win for the small screen in 2023. Joined by a stellar ensemble cast, the lead duo captivated audiences as Meerab and Murtasim. With heavyweights like Bushra Ansari, Sohail Sameer, Sabeena Farooq, and more in supporting roles, this drama promised a star-studded experience.

Celebrating one year of Tere Bin as the series gears up for premiere of its second season on December 29, Yumna took to Instagram to commemorate the occasion. In her IG Story, the Nayab actor shared a cake-cutting video, penning her sentiments in the overlaying text.

“One year to this beautiful day,” read the celeb’s message as she cut the pink cake adorned in white icing that said “Hello Meerub.” Yumna furthered on, “What a beautiful present! Thanks for making Tere Bin.” Much to fans’ delight, the video showed the actor pulling up the cream layer of the cake to reveal a secret message, “Congrats on one year of Tere Bin.”

Earlier, Yumna took to her Instagram Stories to pen a heartfelt message of gratitude and reflection. “Winters and this silence, 2023 is over. Manifesting good things for everyone in the coming year. Life is beautiful, you just have to feel it,” she began.

The actor went on to echo a profound appreciation for life’s beauty, emphasising the transient nature of time. She urged her followers to recognise and be grateful for the precious moments that make up their lives—childhood, youth, old age, and the blessings that accompany each stage.

“The best part about our life is that no matter what bad happens to us, He [God] is there silently watching over, and only this thought is so comforting. Be thankful for everything in your life. It only comes once, bachpan (childhood), jawani (youth), burhapa (old age), blessings, so winters 2023 will not come again, lovely year it was,” she added.

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