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You get love by chance and your job by ability: PM Kakar


Jan 2, 2024


Despite the internet’s many blessings of expanding reach and building new communities, there is no denying that its manifestation as social media creates hypervisibility. From corporate organisations to big showbiz names, everyone understands the importance of branding. So could we blame politicians and government representatives for wanting to connect with people more candidly?

Appearing in The Current’s latest interview is no other than Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar, responding to the public’s queries about all things not political. Taking on a relaxed front, the PM delved into his childhood and revealed that was he was not the most well-behaved kid. “Troublemaker, naughty, all these adjectives suit me,” Kakar shared humourously.

Interview questions also probed the inspiration behind his moustache to which he expressed, “I’ve never thought about that before your question.” Kakar further disclosed his affinity for vitamin gummies to everyone’s amusement and declared his favourite foods were Nihari and Bihari Kebab. “Zahid and Javed Nihari in Karachi, Waris in Lahore,” he replied when asked to name his preferred eateries.

On more serious matters, Kakar dispensed wisdom regarding youth and relationship issues. One internet user posed the question, “I’m getting a really good job abroad but I have to leave my love. What should I pick?” In a comment that has drawn varying responses from netizens, Kakar replied, “You get love by chance and your job by ability. You will have the chance to have the job according to your ability, don’t miss the chance.” 

Another question asked, “Should I marry a woman I like?” Without hesitation, the PM responded in the affirmative. “My age is 52, even if you are 82, consider marrying the person you love,” he added.

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