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When “Late Night Cravings” Kick In, Shehnaaz Gill Eats This Sweet Treat


No matter if it’s summer or winter, the hearts of foodies always say yes to ice cream. From childhood memories to late-night drives and outings with friends, this sweet treat is a part of many happy moments. And it seems that, just like the rest of us, celebrities also cannot resist its creamy allure. Need evidence? Head to Thank You For Coming star Shehnaaz Gill’s Instagram Stories. The actress was having some “late night cravings.” Yes, you guessed it right—she indulged in ice cream. To give it a healthy twist, Shehnaaz even topped the ice cream with what looked like berries.
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Do you share Shehnaaz Gill’s love for ice cream? If so, here are a few homemade ice cream recipes for you to try out:

Here Are 5 Ice Cream Recipes For Your Cravings:

1. Mango Ice Cream

Capture the essence of summer with homemade mango ice cream. Fresh mango puree blended into a rich and creamy ice cream base creates a tropical paradise in a cone or bowl. It’s the perfect way to savour the sweetness of ripe mangoes. Check out the recipe here

2. Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Indulge in a guilt-free treat with this creamy vegan chocolate ice cream. This dairy-free delight is made with coconut or almond milk, cocoa powder, and a hint of vanilla. Creamy, luscious, and perfect for those who crave chocolatey goodness without dairy. Click here for the recipe. 

3. Apricot Ice Cream

Elevate your ice cream experience with apricot ice cream. The natural sweetness of ripe apricots blends seamlessly with a creamy base, creating a unique and sophisticated flavour profile. It’s a delightful departure from traditional fruit flavours. Recipe here.

4. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream

A delightful mix of candied fruits, this tutti frutti ice cream is a burst of colours and flavours in every scoop. The creamy vanilla base intermingled with the sweet and chewy goodness of tutti frutti makes for a classic treat. Detailed recipe here.

5. Date Ice Cream

For a natural sweetness boost, try date ice cream. Blending the caramel-like flavour of dates with a creamy base, this ice cream offers a wholesome and nutritious alternative to traditional desserts. Here is the recipe.

Feel free to explore these recipes and tailor them according to your taste preferences.


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