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Watch: Chinese Chef Crafts Stunning 3-Ingredient Mandarin Dessert In Plastic Bottle


Have you ever tried a mandarin? It is a small-sized orange and is similar in taste to regular-sized oranges – juicy, sweet, acidic, and with a citric fragrance. Mandarins can be eaten directly or used for creating some fun and interesting recipes. Here is a Mandarin Dessert recipe going viral on Instagram. What makes this dessert special is that it is made in a plastic bottle and looks gorgeous. Shared by a Chinese cook named Jing on Instagram, the video has amassed more than 16 million views. It is so gorgeous to watch that you might end up seeing it on a loop. Watch the full video here:

The dessert has a jelly-like texture and is packed with the goodness of mandarin inside. The outer white coating, which looks similar to that of a boiled egg, is made by combining gelatin and condensed milk. All you need to do to make this no-bake dessert is to combine this gelatin-condensed milk mix with the mandarin, refrigerate it, and voila! Since the recipe and cooking instructions are in a Chinese dialect, many viewers are finding it difficult to follow the directions. Fret not; here is how to make the Mandarin Dessert in a plastic bottle.

How To Make Mandarin Dessert In A Plastic Bottle At Home | Mandarin Dessert Recipe

Begin by adding cold boiled water to gelatin and mix well. Mix this with condensed milk and let it boil on slow heat. Keep stirring the mixture on the stove. Peel off mandarins and stack them together on a long wooden stick. Move the mandarins to a plastic bottle cut off from the top. Pour the mixture into the bottle and refrigerate overnight. Once done, remove the stick and take the dessert out of the bottle. You may need to tap and shake it to get the dessert out of the bottle. Chop it into slices and enjoy this delicious treat!

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The viral video has more than 300K likes. Apart from messages requesting an English translation, here are some other lovely reactions to the recipe in the comments section:

“My childhood eraser in school.”
“That looks so good.”
“It looks good; it tasted funny and just wait for the results… run run to the bathroom! Only for the looks Eat just one slice!!”
“I would try this.”

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