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‘Tubelite’ follows the highs and lows of friendship


Jan 6, 2024


In the world of streaming and dreams, Tubelite unfolds the gripping narrative of five friends on the brink of graduation. The synopsis sets the stage for a tale rich in youthful energy, inspiration, dreams, love, family, and above all, friendship.

The story takes an intriguing turn as the friends face rejection for their individual theses, deemed too unrealistic by the committee. The pivotal moment arises when they decide to amalgamate their ideas, birthing a collective dream to launch the next big thing in streaming, with a strategy to take it directly to the people.

The initial episodes showcase the challenges faced by these ambitious friends as they seek funding. Hamza (Momin Saqib), inspired by Steve Jobs, clashes with the super-practical Ayesha (Romaisa Khan), creating a dynamic central to the series.

Mariyam (Mariyam Nafees) undergoes a transformation from a rich, spoiled girl to an independent individual, finding unexpected feelings for Shayan (Meer Yousuf), a rugged lower middle-class boy with familial expectations. Waqar (Raza Samo) adds a touch of comic relief, using his simple sensibility to navigate the group through challenges.

As the story progresses, conflicts within the group intensify. Initial funding success is marred by internal strife, leading to a significant setback when their groundbreaking idea is stolen by another group. A heated confrontation results in the friends parting ways, each pursuing individual paths – jobs, unconventional work, and even minor crimes to make ends meet.

A stroke of luck brings the group back together, transcending egos for a second chance at success. However, their joy is short-lived, as they face legal troubles, family tragedies, and personal dilemmas. The climax is a cinematic spectacle, featuring an airport chase, a daring robbery, a broken engagement, and emotional revelations, culminating not in monetary success but in the triumph of friendship and mutual support.

In a heartwarming conclusion, Tubelite serves as a reminder that success isn’t always measured in wealth but in the bonds forged along the journey. The series encapsulates the highs and lows of chasing dreams, highlighting the resilience of friendship in the face of adversity. As viewers embark on this emotional rollercoaster, Tubelite promises an engaging narrative filled with relatable struggles, triumphs, and the enduring power of camaraderie.

Shazia Wajahat takes the helm as the executive producer, while the creative genius Wajahat Rauf wears multiple hats as the writer, director, and producer of the upcoming production. Scheduled to captivate audiences starting January 11th, this highly-anticipated show is set to air every Thursday and Friday at 8 PM.

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