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Trainers, health experts warn against TikTok challenge


Jan 8, 2024


75 Hard involves tasks like two daily 45-minute workouts, strict diet, four litres of water, and daily reading

75 Hard Challenge: Trainers and health experts warn against TikTok challenge. — Evofitness
75 Hard Challenge: Trainers and health experts warn against TikTok challenge. — Evofitness

As January prompts many to embrace New Year’s resolutions, the viral TikTok trend, the 75 Hard Challenge, gains momentum; however, health experts and personal trainers express reservations about its safety and effectiveness, Daily Mail reported.

American entrepreneur Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Challenge involves rigorous tasks like two daily 45-minute workouts, a strict diet, four litres of water, and daily reading. 

Chris Collett, Personal Trainer and Cluster Manager at PureGym London, acknowledges the challenge’s popularity but warns about potential risks. 

Continuous workouts over 75 days may lead to injuries, emphasising the importance of rest days for muscle recovery. 

He also highlights the challenge’s all-or-nothing mentality, urging a more flexible and sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Hana Patel, an NHS GP, advises participants to ensure their chosen activity aligns with their fitness level, echoing the need for a balanced exercise routine. 

She emphasises the importance of daily physical activity but encourages individuals to consult with their GP, especially if they have medical concerns.

Concerns about excessive water consumption are raised by Dr Patel, cautioning against the potential risk of hyponatremia. 

She notes that extreme overconsumption may lead to serious medical conditions, emphasising the importance of meeting water needs through a combination of food and drinks.

Criticism extends to the challenge’s dietary aspect, with some experts pointing out its vague instructions and lack of specific meal guidance. 

Personal Trainer Keoghan Bellew notes the absence of clear advice from the challenge’s creator on what to eat, highlighting potential pitfalls in healthy weight loss.

While the 75 Hard challenge is criticised for its intensity and potential negative impact on body image, some positive aspects are acknowledged, such as the daily reading requirement and acts of kindness. 

However, overall concerns are raised about the lack of scientific backing and potential risks for the young demographic engaging with this intense program on TikTok. 

Participants share mixed experiences, with some recognising benefits in routine and mental health but also acknowledging challenges.

Andy Frisella and the #75HARD challenge are yet to respond to these critical perspectives.


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