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Three-time felon leaps at judge Mary Kay Holthus during sentencing in Las Vegas


Jan 4, 2024


Redden exclaimed, “nah, f*** that b****,” before launching himself over the bench towards the judge

Deobra Redden, a three-time felon, launched a startling attack on Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Judge Holthus, who assumed the Department 18 bench in January 2019 after over 27 years of service with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, became the target of Redden’s assault.

Redden, present at the Clark County District Court for sentencing on attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, had pleaded guilty during a court appearance in November.

The attack unfolded as his lawyer sought probation for him, but Judge Holthus, considering his criminal history, denied the request, stating, “I think it’s time he gets a taste of something else.”

In response, Redden exclaimed, “nah, f*** that b****,” before launching himself over the bench towards the judge. The courtroom cameras captured the chaos as court officials swiftly intervened, wrestling Redden to the floor. The judge sustained minor injuries during the incident.

Deobra Redden, now facing multiple felony charges, including battery on a protected person for attacking the judge and court officers, had been arrested last month for missing a court appearance. 

The Las Vegas district court, in a statement, commended the actions of court staff, law enforcement, and others involved in subduing the defendant. 

The court emphasised its commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment, reviewing protocols to ensure the protection of the judiciary, the public, and employees.


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