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Shehzad Roy’s wedding wish for Imaan Mazari confuses many


Dec 30, 2023


Human rights activist and legal luminary Imaan Zainab Mazari recently celebrated her union with lawyer Abdul Hadi in a private ceremony that exuded elegance and intimacy. The announcement of the union was joyfully shared by both the bride and groom on X (formerly known as Twitter). Their posts reflected the aura of their inseparable bond and marked the beginning of their new journey together.

Amongst many congratulatory greetings, celebrated singer Shehzad Roy stepped in with a rather unique wedding wish of his own. Taking to X and quoting Mazari’s post, Roy penned, “Congratulations. When two activists get married, activities are guaranteed.”

This took a lot of people by surprise. One such person replied to Roy’s post, putting forth the query, “You meant activism right? Right?” To this, the musician simply replied, “Ji ji…Bilkul.” (Yes, yes – absolutely.) This didn’t stop the Xverse (formerly the Twitterverse) from bombarding Roy with questions and remarks by quoting the post. 

“What kind of ‘activities’ exactly?” asked one X user. “My man tried to do a play on words and ended up sounding weird,” commented another. “He may look young, but the uncle sense of humour is painfully obvious,” said yet another, taking a dig at the running joke that Roy never ages physically. 

As far as the actual wedding was concerned, Mazari chose a graceful off-white embroidered saree, accentuated with minimal jewellery and adorned with delicate white floral garlands around both wrists. Beside her sat her husband, dressed in a matching white sherwani and cream-coloured waistcoat, mirroring the theme of understated elegance. The entire wedding stage exuded a captivating charm with radiant lights and exquisite floral arrangements, providing a picturesque backdrop for the heartfelt ceremony.

The union marks a new chapter in the couple’s life, radiating a sense of joy and commitment as they embark on this adventure together. The couple’s announcement received warm wishes and congratulations from friends, family, and well-wishers, celebrating their journey and wishing them a lifetime of happiness and togetherness.

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