• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

“Revealing AI in Family Life: Sophie Brickman Unveils Husband’s Use of Technology for Children’s Bedtime Stories”


Dec 26, 2023

I was impressed as his stories grew ever more inventive and responsive to our kids’ demands. Then I learned his secret

The other night, from the hallway outside my second-grader’s bedroom, I heard her ask my husband for a very specific bedtime story – so specific I could have sworn she was choosing prompts just to screw with him. She wanted one that was about “mowing lawns in a place called Bananaland, and a festival, and monkeys, but make it funny”.

G’luck, I thought, as I started to tiptoe away, having completed my read-aloud portion from The Swiss Family Robinson, which we’re making our way through together each night.


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