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Restaurant Review: Enjoy Delicious Pan-Asian Cuisine At Gonzo, Vasant Vihar


The fondness for Pan-Asian cuisine has manifested in various ways in the national capital in recent years. Each year, we witness the emergence of more and more restaurants. Whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, there’s a constant eagerness to explore new Pan-Asian dining establishments. Recently, we explored one such restaurant situated in the lively Basant Lok market of Vasant Vihar. The restaurant is easily identifiable from a distance, thanks to its captivating red lighting that draws attention as you stroll by. It is located on the first floor and boasts a lively ambiance with comfortable seating. Keep reading to discover what we sampled and our overall experience.
The menu features an extensive selection of Pan-Asian delicacies, including sushi, dim sum, gyoza, baos, stone pot bowls, mocktails, and desserts. Unfortunately, the majority of the dishes and drinks we wanted were not available, which disappointed us before we even began our meal. Unable to get our preferred drinks, we ended up choosing the Poky Face and Spiced Mango mocktails, the only options on the menu. The Poky Face had a nice refreshing taste of kaffir lime and galangal, but the Spiced Mango was a bit too strong and spicy for our liking.

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To begin, we chose the Krabi Veggie Dim Sum. The veggies inside were juicy and flavourful, changing our perspective after the initially unpleasant start. Following that, we ordered the Thai Dragon Roll from the small plates section, and it was wonderfully crispy, delivering a burst of flavour in every bite. The spicy red chilli sauce and sweet sauce served as perfect accompaniments.

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Coming to the main course, we wanted to order pad Thai noodles and curry separately, but once again, our request wasn’t entertained. We had to settle for the Thai Chilli Basil Sizzling Stone Pot, which wasn’t as spicy as we expected. Although it was quite filling, we found it lacking in flavour and a bit too sweet. Like every meal, we hoped to end it with something sweet, but to our surprise, nothing from the dessert section was available on the menu. So, we didn’t really get a sweet ending to our meal. Overall, while the food was okay, our experience wasn’t great due to the limited options on their menu. 

  • Where: Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
  • Cost For Two: INR 1200 (Approx)


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