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Rasti Farooq celebrates success of her, Ali Junejo’s theatre play


Jan 3, 2024


Rasti Farooq, the globally acclaimed star who garnered widespread praise for her portrayal of Mumtaz in the theatrical hit Joyland, has once again graced the spotlight, this time for her involvement in a unique and internationally recognized theatrical venture. Taking to her Instagram, Rasti penned a heartfelt note, recounting the journey of a play titled Both Sit In Silence For A While, an original English dark comedy written by Joyland star, Ali Junejo.

The story unfolded in 2022 when Rasti took on the challenge of bringing to life the characters in Ali’s dark comedy. In her Instagram post, she confessed that the idea of portraying a narrative centred around the complexities of an estranged married couple felt like a gamble. The central question lingered – who would be interested in witnessing two characters tearing into each other for an hour, reminiscent of the dynamics of a strained marital relationship? Is it fair to delve into childhood trauma for entertainment on a weekend?

“In 2022, I performed in an original English dark comedy written by my dear Ali Junejo,” began Rasti. She continued, “It felt like a bit of a gamble. Who wants to come watch two characters rip into each other for an hour like only an estranged married couple would? Is it fair to recall childhood trauma on a weekend? I knew though that the script was searingly funny, raw and uncomfortable. A solid combination.”

Rasti highlighted the impeccable combination of humour and rawness in the storyline, making it a compelling piece of theatre. The play premiered in Lahore, captivating the audience with its unique and intense portrayal of human relationships. From there, it travelled to Karachi and Islamabad, where it continued to make an impact. “Some people came and watched it. Somebody else wrote a review about it,” shared the star.

The unexpected twist in this theatrical tale came when Julien Croiset, situated in the Netherlands, sought a two-hander play for his theatre company. Intriguingly, he stumbled upon a review titled Both Sit In Silence For A While while searching for a “sensational two-hander.” Impressed by what he discovered, Julien reached out, initiating a series of events that would soon lead to a global debut.

Fast forward 10 months, and Both Sit In Silence For A While underwent a remarkable transformation. The play, now titled “Zij zitten en zeggen even niets” (They Sit And Say Nothing For A While), made its debut in Dutch at Studio Antigone in the Netherlands. The journey from Lahore to the Netherlands symbolises the play’s global recognition and the transcendence of cultural boundaries through the compelling and evocative language of theatre.

Rasti expressed immense pride in being part of such a spectacular production, crediting Ali Junejo for his brilliant writing and team Olomopolo for infusing the production with magic, including the delightful set design. “I couldn’t be prouder, of Ali for writing something so spectacular and allowing me to be a part of it, of Olomopolo for lacing this production with so much magic, including that very delicious set,” she said.

The actor concluded her Instagram note with a wish for everyone to continue stumbling into serendipitous encounters, echoing the sentiment that this theatrical journey was a testament to the power of unexpected and remarkable connections in the world of the performing arts.

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