• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

President Biden Authorizes Airstrikes on Iranian-Linked Groups Following Attack on US Troops

Following an attack on US military personnel at the Erbil Air Base, President Joe Biden gave the go-ahead for airstrikes in Iraq. Three American soldiers were injured in the strike on Christmas Day, one of them critically. The attack was carried out by a one-way attack drone.

The attack caused the National Security Council to take action and was attributed to the Iranian-backed militia Kataib Hezbollah and its allies. Spokesman Adrienne Watson attested to the groups’ admission of accountability for the attack.

President Biden briefed the Department of Defence on the incident and the injuries inflicted and then gave them instructions to come up with possible answers.

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The president then gave the go-ahead for strikes against three locations used by Kataib Hezbollah and its allied groups, specifically intending to reduce drone operations, according to Watson. In Iraq, the reprisal happened around 4:45 a.m., over 12 hours after the American men were hurt.

It took some time to confirm if there had been any injuries or deaths in the US reaction.

The attacks were “intended to disrupt and degrade capabilities” of the parties in question, according to a statement released by Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin.

During the continuing Israel-Hamas conflict, Biden warned Iran last month that the United States would retaliate if its country attacked American troops. According to Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, press secretary for the Pentagon, American authorities anticipate “a more significant escalation against U.S. forces and personnel across the region in the very near term coming from Iranian proxy forces, and ultimately from Iran,” as he stated at a briefing last month.

Joey Garrison, Francesca Chambers, Associated Press, and USA TODAY contributed.

This article was originally published on USA TODAY,  Joe Biden launches airstrikes against forces supported by Iran after the incident leaves three US servicemen injured.

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