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PM Modi To Launch Amrit Bharat Train With Push-Pull Tech, Reveals Vaishnaw: Design, Routes, Speed, Features | Railways News


Dec 29, 2023
PM Modi To Launch Amrit Bharat Train With Push-Pull Tech, Reveals Vaishnaw: Design, Routes, Speed, Features | Railways News


Indian Railways is preparing to flag off new Amrit Bharat trains in the country. Initially, expected to be named Vande Sadharan Express, the Amrit Bharat train will soon be flagged off by PM Modi, as revealed by Railway Minister – Ashwini Vaishnaw. He even highlighted these trains will feature push-pull technology like the semi-high speed train – Vande Bharat Express. Well, Vaishnaw has examined the newly-built rake of Amrit Bharat train at New Delhi railway station. The new Amrit Bharat train’ coaches will feature a host of world-class facilities, which aren’t generally available on old coaches used in mail/express trains.

What Is Amrit Bharat Train?

The Amrit Bharat or Vande Sadharan Express takes its inspiration from the fastest train in the country – Vande Bharat Express. However, the new semi-high-speed train will be very different from the Vande Bharat Express. It will be put to use on long intercity journeys with distances of more than 800 kilometres, unlike the Vande Bharat Express. Also, these trains will be used for day-night trips.

Amrit Bharat Train: Engine & Speed

The train will boast a top speed of 130 kmph, but it is expected to top out at around 110 kmph, given the factors and hindrances on tracks. It will use two WAP-5 locomotives in a slightly modified form. The railway minister has revealed that the Amrit Bharat train has better acceleration due to push-pull technology. With the push-pull tech, it can accelerate and brake quickly, resulting in an increased average speed. Also, there are permanent couplers used to reduce shocks in the train.

Amrit Bharat Train: Routes

As of now, there are two proposed routes for the Amrit Bharat Express or Vande Sadharan Express – Mumbai-Patna and Delhi-Mumbai. At a later stage, more routes will be added. The train is expected to run on the aforementioned routes as well, but sometime later – Patna-New Delhi, Howrah-New Delhi, Hyderabad-New Delhi, Ernakulam-Guwahati, Tambaram-Howrah, Delhi-Jodhpur-Bandra Terminus, and Jammu-Chennai.

Amrit Bharat Train: Facilities & Features

For starters, the Amrit Bharat train will be a non-AC train. Interestingly, it will feature sealed gangways between coaches, CCTV cameras, sensor-based taps, electric outlets, bio-vacuum toilets, LED lights, modern switches, fans, and a passenger information system. Furthermore, every seat will have mobile charging ports. On the contrary, it will skip out on automatic closing doors and onboard catering.

Amrit Bharat Train: Coaches

The Amrit Bharat train will consist of 22 coaches and 2 locomotives. Unlike the Vande Bharat Express, this will be a push-pull setup. There will be 12 sleeper coaches and 8 coaches for unreserved class. In total, it will accommodate 1,800 passengers. Also, there will be 2 luggage bogies on this train.


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