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Pamela Anderson goes makeup free while posing for Proenza Schouler’s new campaign


Jan 3, 2024


Pamela Anderson has opted to go makeup-free while posing in a new campaign for a luxury fashion brand, Proenza Schouler.

The 56-year-old actor and model was recently featured in the brand’s spring 2024 campaign, as she posed in some of the latest pieces from the line. In the photographs, Anderson seemingly stood by her usual strategy for Hollywood events: wearing no makeup.

In one of the images shared on Proenza Schouler’s Instagram, the Baywatch star could be seen with her blonde hair pushed back and wearing a white, ribbon mesh dress with a black blazer. She was pictured leaning in her chair as she held two plastic bags in one hand and a black purse in the other.

Another photo on Proenza Schouler’s website showed Anderson wearing a long red dress with her hair pushed back, while she wore the brand’s Stella Monogram Sweater in Cashmere Jacquard, which retails for $990, in another image. Throughout the campaign, Anderson wore items that were up for pre-order, including the Sandis Jacket in Cotton Viscose that retails for $2,290 and the Dara Layered Top in Technical Nylon Jersey for $890. The Barb Wire actor also posed in a pair of white jeans with blue bleach designs, which retails for $450, and toe-ringed black sandals for $795.

The Pamela: A Love Story star has recently opened up about not wearing makeup. In December 2023, she candidly wrote in her weekly newsletter, “The Open Journal”, about her beauty regime. Anderson specified that she’s not “hovering over the sink with multiple steps” and noted that her skincare routine is “pretty simple these days”.

“I plant things where I’ll see them and [apply them]… A rose hydration spray in the fridge that I use every time I open it… a lip balm in my bag that I apply all day long especially in the winter,” she wrote in the newsletter, per Glamour.

In October 2023, Anderson went viral for her decision to go makeup-free when attending the Vivienne Westwood show during Paris Fashion Week. As she spoke with Vogue France at the event, Anderson admitted that she didn’t initally plan on attending the show without makeup but had a change of heart when putting on her outfits.

“I didn’t come to Paris Fashion Week and think: ‘I’m not going to wear any makeup,’” she said at the time. “I don’t know, something just kind of came over me. And I was just dressing in these beautiful clothes, and I thought: ‘I don’t want to compete with the clothes.’ I’m not trying to be the prettiest girl in the room.”

She described how she felt when she didn’t wear makeup to fashion events, adding: “I feel like it’s just a freedom. It’s like a relief.”

Anderson also acknowledged that her perspective on beauty has changed over time, as she recalled how her mother once told her that “at some point” in life, she’s not going to want to “wear makeup on [her] skin”. After noting that her mother “was right,” Anderson explained how she’s continued to “challenge” the meaning of beauty by choosing not to wear makeup.

“If we all chase youth or we’re chasing our idea of what beauty is in fashion magazines and everything, we’re only going to be disappointed and maybe a little bit sad,” she said.


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