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No ‘bahu’ should be a time pass for anyone’s mother: Karan Johar


Dec 31, 2023


In a candid and direct response to a follower’s query, Karan Johar, the renowned filmmaker, addressed a rather unconventional request via his Instagram Story. The cinema wizard didn’t shy away from delivering a straightforward response to a suggestion that aimed to find a “time pass” daughter-in-law for his mother. 

“Of all the crazy trolls, the abuse and judgement I get about my life choices and my way of being, I find comments like these the most offensive,” began the director. He went on to highlight the “regressive baggage” attached to being a daughter-in-law, stressing women’s individualistic worth and value. 

“Firstly- no ‘bahu’ should be a time pass for anyone’s mother,” Karan remarked. “A bahu is a label which comes with ridiculous regressive baggage…She is an individual in her own right and can pass her time how she likes personally and professionally.”

He continued to highlight the relationship he shares with his mother, and the collective equation between his children and their grandmother. He stated, “Also to everyone I would like to add my mother co-parents my children with me and doesn’t need any ‘time pass.’ Her life is complete by the love we receive from her and do our best to give it back with all our heart!” 

The renowned filmmaker furthered, “And bringing in a ‘bahu’ Is not an option to whoever is concerned about my relationship status! My children are blessed to have my mother guide us all. And in life, if I were to have a partner, I would do so to fill my void – not anyone else’s! Thank you for listening!” Karan’s articulate rebuttal not only challenges societal stereotypes but also highlights the importance of embracing personal choices and respecting individual identities. 

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