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New Year 2024: 5 Kid-Friendly NYE Party Drinks To Ring In The Fun


It’s almost time for New Year 2024 and most of us have plans to party. While the adults always have unlimited drink options to let loose on such occasions, it’s the kids who are left with nothing but soft drinks. If you are one of those people who is hosting a soiree on New Year’s Eve and have kids coming over, then it’s time to elevate the celebration for the little ones. From sparkling juices to punches, your kids might not find these virgin beverages fancy but instead delicious. Read on to learn more about 5 kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party drinks that will surely make your kids want more.

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Festive Snow Punch is creamy and delicious!

Festive Snow Punch is creamy and delicious!
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Here Are 5 Kid Friendly NYE Drinks To Kickstart Their New Year

1) Festive Snow Punch

If you are looking for a snow-looking punch to surprise your kids, then this festive snow punch could be perfect for your New Year’s Eve party. This perfect non-alcoholic holiday blend is extremely delicious and creamy with a blast of different flavours. To make this, you will need vanilla ice cream, milk, lemon, banana, and citrus soda. In a mixer, put lemon juice, bananas and sugar and blend till smooth. Now add a bit of milk and blend again till it’s creamy. Refrigerate the blend for up to two hours. After it’s chilled pour the mixture in a punch bowl and stir some citrus soda. And your festive snow punch is ready to serve!

2) Pomegranate Mojito

What screams party aside from cake? Mojito! This non-alcoholic pomegranate mojito is a perfect blend of pomegranate’s fruity goodness and soda’s fizziness. To make a pomegranate mojito, you need pomegranate juice, lemon juice, honey, mint leaves, club soda and ice cubes. In a punch bowl, pour pomegranate and lemon juice along with mint leaves. Mix well so that all the ingredients have combined. Take tall glasses and put ice cubes in them. Just before pouring the juice mixture, add soda to the glasses for an instant fizz. Stir all the ingredients in the glass and garnish with pomegranate seeds. And voila! your pomegranate mojito is ready to be gulped down!

3) Hot Chocolate Bar

Classic and kid-favourite, hot chocolate is one recipe that never fails. This is the ultimate non-alcoholic party drink which is extremely versatile. It is ready in under 10 minutes and is super delicious, leaving kids asking for more. To make creamy hot chocolate, you need milk, cream, cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. In a pan, combine all the above-mentioned ingredients and give it a boil. Keep whisking so that the chocolate does not stick at the bottom. Pour it out in cups and top it up with whipped cream and cherry. And your hot chocolate bar is ready!

Orange Yogurt Soda punch is made with three simple ingredients!

Orange Yogurt Soda punch is made with three simple ingredients!
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4) Orange Yogurt Soda Punch

Less on ingredients and max on taste, orange yoghurt soda punch would be a hit amongst kids at your New Year’s Eve party. This is made from three simple ingredients – orange juice, yoghurt and soda. Place all these ingredients in a mixer and blend till it is smooth like a paste. Take glasses and put some ice cubes and orange rinds in it. Pour the orange yoghurt soda punch into the glasses and serve immediately!

5) Apple Punch

Simply delicious, this apple punch is the ultimate kid-friendly drink at your New Year Eve’s party. This is one non-alcoholic drink which is made from simple ingredients and tastes heavenly. To make apple punch, all you need is apple juice, cranberry juice, honey, ground cinnamon and sparkling water. In a punch bowl, combine apple and cranberry juice. Now add a dash of honey for sweetness and stir it well. Add ground cinnamon and sparking water for a fizz. Refrigerate for 2 hours. Then in champagne flutes, pour the apple punch and ice cubes. And voila! your apple punch is ready to be served!

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