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Mom of darts champ’s lover Eloise Milburn defends their age-gap love


Jan 3, 2024


Luke Littler spotted with Eloise Milburn. — X/@getty
Luke Littler spotted with Eloise Milburn. — X/@getty

Amanda Milburn, the mother of darts sensation Luke Littler’s girlfriend Eloise Milburn, has defended their romance despite the age difference after her daughter was subjected to “vile” internet abuse by trolls.

Luke, a 16-year-old who recently gained popularity for his darts prowess, went public with his 21-year-old girlfriend Eloise Milburn after it was revealed that they had been dating for six weeks, reported Mirror.

The two are said to have first connected while playing FIFA on Xbox. Since then, Eloise has been seen cheering on her new partner, Luke, who is the youngest darts player to ever make it to the World Darts Championship finals. 

The match will take place at London’s Alexandra Palace tonight, and Luke might win both the coveted trophy and £500,000.

Yet, Eloise’s mother Amanda Milburn has retaliated against accusations that her daughter is a “money grabber” and harsh remarks regarding the five-year age difference between Luke, who will turn 17 on January 21.

Claiming “Eloise has been accused of all sorts”, mum Amanda denied her daughter was only with Luke for his money and fame and branded the comments a “total pack of disgusting lies”.

Amanda told the Daily Mail, “There’s been a lot of horrible stuff being posted online about my daughter and my husband Phil and I are very angry about it. She’s not with him for any of these reasons. She doesn’t care about his money or his fame, she’s with him because she likes him. It’s as simple as that.”

“It’s really hurtful when we read these comments, many of them from so-called darts fans. My daughter is none of these things that these vile people are making out. She’s a lovely young girl who is in a new relationship and people should allow them to get on with things.”

Although Amanda and Phil have not yet met Eloise’s new boyfriend Luke, they have conversed over the phone, and she mentioned that things are going so well that marriage may be in the works.


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