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King Charles true feelings over Prince William, Harry’s rift laid bare


King Charles sons Prince William and Prince Harry are currently not on speaking terms, according to claims

King Charles true feelings over Prince William, Harry’s rift laid bare

Britain’s King Charles is feeling “remorseful” over his sons Prince William and Harry’s rift, which is not going to end even in 2024, a celebrity astrologer and psychic has claimed.

The Cheat Sheet quoted Inbaal Honigman claiming that King Charles is feeling the pressure of his position and that feels “remorseful” and almost responsible for the sons’ rift.

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Inbaal said as the king keeps on top of all his royal duties, family commitments, and charity endeavors, the monarch cannot help but feel as if he could have done a better job.

She went on to claim the critical 9 of Swords Tarot card tells a different story, adding that “Despite being outwardly confident and strong, King Charles criticizes himself for his perceived inability to keep the family closer together and he sees the rift between his sons as his own personal frustration, for which he is remorseful.”

Inbaal also made some predictions about King Charles for the year 2024.

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She said, King Charles would be focusing on practical matters in 2024 and would be looking at the Crown’s properties and overseas land ownership, and possibly even deciding to use some of those lands and adding value to them.

“He’ll try to keep out of the limelight this year more than ever.”


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