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King Charles new doc branded ‘bias in favor of the monarchy’


King Charles new doc branded bias in favor of the monarchy
King Charles new doc branded ‘bias in favor of the monarchy’

The UK’s main broadcaster has come under fire after releasing a new documentary that follows King Charles III in his first year on the throne.

The renowned corporation revealed its Charles III: The Coronation Year documentary was the subject of 897 complaints as some of the watchers believed it showed “bias in favor of the monarchy.”

BBC has received around 900 complaints over the 90-minute special, which was produced by Oxford Films and premiered on December 26.

The Documentary, which attracted massive applause from the royal fans, could not sit well with many viewers as they launched complaints against the network of being biased.

The documentary features behind-the-scenes footage of the King, including some of his hilarious moments showing the monarch joking about having “sausage fingers” with his son Prince William during rehearsals for the Coronation.

In reaction to the backlash, the corporation stated: “Charles III: The Coronation Year is a one-off observational documentary that covers a period of historical significance when the King took on new duties and prepared for the first Coronation in this country for 70 years. It has unique access and captures personal moments as the King adapts to his new role. Editorial control is retained by the BBC.”


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