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King Charles’ gestures with Prince Andrew are ‘astounding and unwise’


King Charles has just been put on blast for acting in an ‘astounding and unwise’ way

King Charles gestures with Prince Andrew are ‘astounding and unwise
 King Charles’ gestures with Prince Andrew are ‘astounding and unwise’

Experts have just bashed King Charles for the decisions he’s made about Prince Andrew, now that names are also being released, relating to Jeffrey Epstein.

All of this has been questioned by royal commentator Richard Kay.

He weighed in on things in a most recent piece for the Daily Mail.

The expert started by saying, “With the benefit of hindsight would the King have agreed to include Prince Andrew in the Royal Family’s Christmas parade at Sandringham?”

“At the time this fraternal decision seemed a typically Christian one from Charles. Ten days later as toxic new revelations about the Duke of York’s sleazy behavior emerge from unsealed court documents in New York, the gesture seems not just astounding but possibly unwise.”

“What is all the more baffling is that the royals cannot hide behind the suggestion that they did not know quite how bad the allegations were going to be. The prospect of more sensational claims from the long fall-out from the unsavoury Jeffrey Epstein affair coming to light, had been telegraphed for weeks.”


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