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Husband cries over heart-shaped cake he bought for his wife


Jan 5, 2024


A husband cried over the results of a heart-shaped cake he ordered for his wife.

Lewis Kelly – one-half of the influencer couple account @andreaandlewis – had a frustrating experience when he ordered a birthday cake for his wife Andrea Camila, only to find that it was far from what he imagined.

In a video posted on both of their Instagram and TikTok accounts, Kelly showed viewers the cake he ordered for his wife’s 24th birthday and his shocked reaction. The influencer wrote in the video’s overlaid text: “I feel like I just ruined my wife’s birthday.”

He was visibly in tears over the cake he purchased, which he first showed a reference picture from Pinterest of what he was expecting: a trendy heart-shaped pastel pink cake with Victorian-inspired piping. But then in the last seconds of the clip, he showed viewers what he actually got: a messily-piped, hot pink cake with gold leaf, metallic candy balls, and inedible butterfly decorations that were not at all in line with his vision.

“$145 down the drain,” Kelly wrote in the caption. “The ONLY thing she asked for today was a cute cake & now there’s nothing I can do.”

Since he posted on both platforms, Kelly has garnered over 31 million views on Instagram and 3.8 million on TikTok, with viewers taking to the comment section to lift the influencer’s spirits and offer him their advice.

“Aww no don’t cry, she’ll know your intention, she’ll be happy just to be with you,” one viewer commented, while another added: “It’s the effort that counts.”

“either you made it and that’s the sweetest thing ever… or you need to ask for a refund lol,” another said.

“DONT CRY ITS CUTE!!!!” wrote one user, to which someone joked, “Don’t lie to that man 😭.”

“You tried and that’s okay!” a viewer wrote. “Maybe if you get some flowers and decorate around the cake it’ll…‘cheer it up’ so to speak?”

In a teary-eyed, follow-up video, Kelly explained to viewers, “I just feel like I let my wife down, like literally she didn’t ask for any presents. She didn’t ask for anything. She just wanted a cute aesthetic cake to take pictures with, that’s all she wanted on her birthday.”

However, Kelly found one silver lining in the cake’s adorable strawberry candle – which clearly replaced two candles that were inexplicably removed: “The strawberry candle is cute — she’s gonna like that.”

The influencer reportedly purchased the cake in Puerto Rico, where the couple spends six months out of the year living with Camila’s family.

“In Puerto Rico, a lot of business is done by word of mouth. You usually hire someone who knows someone who knows one of your family members,” Kelly told Today, explaining that he reached out to a local baker that a family friend recommended to him. “I had never tried their cakes before but we had no idea it would turn out like that!”

The cake – which was carrot cake flavoured – was meant to be a sweet callback to one of the tiers of their wedding cake since their first wedding anniversary will be on 13 January.

“I wanted the experience of our wedding to be relived through the birthday cake… unfortunately that didn’t quite happen,” he added. “I picked up the cake in the evening so I didn’t really get a proper look at it until I got home that night. I didn’t want to examine the cake too much in the bakery because it felt awkward.”

But Kelly ultimately let this setback get him down, as the influencer posted an update on 26 December 2023 sharing that he’d decided to make the most of the hand that was dealt to him. He showed that he had made a replacement cake for his wife using a cake and decorations he bought from the local grocery store.

“Andrea initially loved the (original) cake! She thought I made it, so she thought the effort was cute since I know nothing about baking/decorating cakes,” Kelly revealed, noting that she was shocked when he told her that he’d bought the original cake from a professional baker. “She honestly had a great laugh about the whole thing.”


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