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Healthy Habits For A Happy New Year: 9 Smart Tips For Eating Well | Health News


Jan 1, 2024


As we gear up for the New Year, picture the warmth of upcoming festive gatherings – moments filled with scrumptious food, delightful drinks, and the company of loved ones. In the midst of these tempting indulgences, it’s only human to find it tricky to stick to healthy eating habits. But worry not! Let’s approach these joyous occasions with a personal promise to make nourishing choices. This way, we can fully immerse ourselves in the festivities, free from the guilt that often comes with overindulgence.

In an interview with Zee News English, Mr. Abhishek Gaggneja, Founder Health Coach, Goodveda talks about smart and healthy eating habits to adopt in the new year 2024.

Here are smart strategies for enjoying the new year without overindulging and adopting healthy eating habits as Mr Abhishek Gaggneja shares:

●     Prioritize Balance: In order to avoid extreme avoidance and overindulgence, embrace balance and enjoy your favorites in moderation.

●     Eat Mindfully: Eating slowly and appreciating each bite helps your body sense fullness, which helps you avoid overindulging.

●     Portion Control: Opt for smaller plates and utensils to manage portions. This simple change can cut calorie intake. Begin with modest servings, and if hungry, you can go back for more if needed

●     Stay Hydrated: At times, we confuse thirst with hunger. Try refreshing sparkling water with lime and mint instead of alcohol for hydration.

●     Load Up on Veggies: Consume vibrant, fresh vegetables first at meals. They are high in fiber and low in calories, which helps you feel full while also providing vital nutrients.

●     Choose Wisely: Make an informed choice; instead of trying every dish, pick the ones that actually suit your preferences.

●     Mind the Alcohol: If you do choose to indulge in alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation. They may decrease self-control and add more calories. To stay hydrated, switch between water and non-alcoholic beverages.

●     Stay Active: To burn extra calories during the holidays, keep yourself active. Even light exercises can be beneficial. Encourage your loved ones for a stroll after the feast.

●     Be Kind to Yourself: Lastly, keep in mind that enjoying the occasional indulgence is a part of the celebration. If you enjoy a treat or two, don’t be too hard on yourself.


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