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From Dropout To Business Tycoon: Inspirational Journey Of RG Chandramogan | Companies News


Jan 5, 2024
From Dropout To Business Tycoon: Inspirational Journey Of RG Chandramogan | Companies News


New Delhi: The remarkable journey of RG Chandramogan serves as a compelling testament to the power of determination, hard work, and persistence.  

74 years old RG Chandramogan is the chairman of Hatsun Agro Product. Starting as a college dropout selling ice cream from pushcarts he has now become a business tycoon, owning India’s largest private dairy companies. (Read More: First Gold Bond Of 2024 Opens For Subscription On February 12: Check More Details)

Chandramogan, Chennai based business tycoon has been referred to as a human-computer for his exceptional grasp of sales figures. After failing in maths exam Chandramogan decided to abandon his education and enter into the business world at the age of 21. 

Chandramogan began his career by working at a timber depot for a salary of Rs 65, while his father managed a small provision shop. He decided to leave his job and venture into the ice cream business in the year 1970. He started the business in a 250 sq ft room with three employees, after selling his family property with an initial investment of Rs 13,000. His ice cream was distributed through 15 pushcarts.

During the initial months his company struggled to survive. The company generated a revenue exceeding Rs 1.5 lakh in its inaugural year motivating Chandramogan to persevere. While maintaining a modest business in 1981, Chandramogan identified an underserved market for ice creams in smaller towns. Seizing the opportunity overlooked by larger brands he transformed his ‘Arun’ ice cream brand into a dominant force in Tamil Nadu. He rebranded it to the current name Hatsun Agro Product in 1986.

Starting from modest origins, Hatsun Agro Product presently boasts an annual revenue of Rs 20,000 crore. The company sources milk from more than 400,000 farmers across 10,000 villages every day and it has been established as one of India’s major private companies. According to the Forbes rich list, Chandramogan’s net worth has exceeded Rs 13,000 crore ($1.7 billion). The company’s dairy offerings are available in 42 nations with Chandramogan’s son, C Sathyan, holding the position of Managing Director in the company.


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