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Emma Stone’s ‘crazy’ obsession laid bare


Emma Stone, who is an American actress, reveals her ‘crazy’ side amid new movie release

Photo Emma Stone’s ‘crazy’ obsession laid bare
Photo Emma Stone’s ‘crazy’ obsession laid bare

Emma Stone drops binge-worthy dramas that kept her hooked on television.

On Sunday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, Emma Stone marked her attendance along with her co-star Mark Ruffalo.

The American actress, Emma Stone stars beside Mark Ruffalo in the recently released movie, Poor Things, an Irish dark comedy.

While having a chat with Graham Norton, the La La Land hitmaker shed light on the intricate details of her role in the fantasy movie.

She told the Irish host, “It’s such a hard movie to describe, but I play a woman discovering everything for the first time,” adding, “Mark is so good in it….You love this guy even though he is pathetic, and narcissistic, all the things that Mark is not. He makes the character oddly loveable.”

During the conversation, the award-winning actress also touched on her “love” for British television dramas.

“My foray into it began with The Only Way is Essex of course, and then I learned about Naked Attraction and Gogglebox…,” she confessed.

“I became completely crazy about it and in America the two shows are a double feature. They are back-to-back so it’s cosy family viewing followed by nakedness,” the ex-girlfriend of Andrew Garfield concluded. 


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