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DGCA: DGCA conducted all time high oversight measures in 2023 to ‘enhance safety’


Jan 3, 2024
DGCA: DGCA conducted all time high oversight measures in 2023 to ‘enhance safety’


NEW DELHI: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stepped up its surveillances activities last year as domestic air traffic surpassed pre-covid levels. The regulator says it did its highest ever in a year — 5,745 surveillances actions — in 2023 which was 26% more than the previous year. And based on these checks, 542 enforcement action were taken in 2023 — 77% more than 305 enforcement action in 2022.
“During the year 2023, DGCA intensified its safety oversight efforts, conducting 5,745 surveillances — 4,039 planned surveillances and 1,706 spot checks and night surveillances — which is an all-time high.This marked an increase of 26% over 2022, emphasising the commitment to ensure compliance and safety within the aviation landscape,” the DGCA said in a statement.
It added that to “enhance safety standards in aviation industry, DGCA has taken stringent measures to ensure compliance with regulations through conduct of surveillance activities on airlines, aerodrome operators, approved organisations, aviation personnel under its regulatory control to meet laid down safety obligations. Extensive surveillance mechanisms play a pivotal role in safety, mitigating potential safety risks and enhancing safety margins across the industry.”
The “significant enforcement actions” last year included suspension of approved training Organisation of Air India and financial penalties on airlines like AI, AirAsia, IndiGo and SpiceJet for various non-compliances. Enforcement actions were also taken on erring pilots/cabin crew, air traffic controllers, non-scheduled airlines, flying training organisations and aerodrome operators, the statement said, adding, “DGCA’s unwavering commitment to enforcing compliance underscores the critical importance of adhering to safety regulations within the aviation sector to ensure safer skies.”


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