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Climate Change: Climate change greater threat to human race than world wars: Sonam Wangchuk


KOKRAJHAR: Ramon Magsaysay awardee Sonam Wangchuk on Saturday asserted that climate change poses a greater threat to the human race than world wars. He underlined the role of tribal communities in protecting the environment and urged the residents of modern cities to learn the sustainable way of living from the people who live in harmony with the nature.
He was speaking after receiving the 20th Upendra Nath Brahma ‘Soldier of Humanity’ Award 2023 here for his contributions towards educational reforms, sustainable change and preservation of the environment.
The award is given by the UN Brahma Trust.
Known for his innovations, Wangchuk said there should be “environmental justice” to meet the threats of climate change as the latter will be more dangerous than world wars.
He emphasised that tribal communities across the world must be kept robust to face the challenges of global warming and tackle the threat of climate change.
“Preservation of the spirit and knowledge of tribal societies in the long run is going to bring more benefits compared to that of industrialisation and the so-called modern way of living,” he said.
Wangchuk cautioned that the “culture of Delhi or Mumbai or New York as five-star cities” is not going to save the planet, but it is the tribal culture and tradition, that focus on the preservation and conservation of nature and natural resources, that will prove to be resilient.
He maintained that the traditional culture of people in the Bodoland region of Assam or his native Ladakh has a higher potential to contribute to the nation’s wealth.
Expressing his gratitude for receiving the award, the engineer-innovator said it has further encouraged him to work for the masses.


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