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8 New Year Resolutions That Will Help Better Your Mental Health | Health News


Jan 1, 2024


When it comes to new year resolutions and one’s focus on mental health the basic trifecta is following a healthy lifestyle. One should make sure to exercise regularly, following a proper diet and get enough sleep. These things are essential because they have a direct impact on the mood. 

In an exclusive interaction with Zee News English, Ms Tara Mehta, Clinical Psychologist, SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim-A Fortis Associate shares new year resolutions that will help better your mental health.

Tips for Enhancing Mental Health

Here are some simple yet impactful tips for a healthier and happier you in the upcoming year as shared by Ms Tara Mehta:

1. Prioritize Regular Exercise

   – Engage in regular physical activity to boost blood circulation and release endorphins, promoting happiness and reducing stress.

2. Mindful Eating Habits

   – Avoid excessive consumption of sugary or processed foods that can impact attention and concentration.

   – Limit caffeine and sugary drinks to ensure a good night’s sleep, emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet for mental well-being.

3. Quality Sleep Matters

   – Ensure uninterrupted sleep of six to eight hours each night to enhance focus, attention, and mood, preventing irritability and crankiness.

4. Master the Art of Prioritization

   – Learn to prioritize tasks in daily life to avoid burnout.

   – Set aside time for personal activities, whether alone or with friends, to recharge and prevent neglecting personal needs.

5. Cultivate Joyful Hobbies

   – Dedicate time to activities that bring joy, such as dancing, painting, playing sports, or gardening, to break the monotony of daily tasks.

6. Effective Communication

   – Maintain open communication in relationships to express needs, thoughts, and wishes.

   – Recognize the importance of communication in fostering good mental health.

7. Practice Mindfulness

   – Embrace mindfulness to focus on the present rather than worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.

   – Keep a gratitude journal to appreciate daily positive experiences and foster a positive outlook on life.

8. Self-Care is Essential

   – Prioritize oneself to prevent neglecting personal well-being.

   – Implementing these tips consistently contributes to better mental health and a happier life.

Implementing all these and following them will definitely help one better their mental health and have a happy new year!


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