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241 deaths in 24 hours in Gaza are reported by Hamas.

As Israel’s military attack in the region continues, the health ministry in Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, has reported that at least 241 people have died in the last 24 hours.

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of Palestine, described the war as a “grave crime” against his people.

“Many more months” will pass before the fight with Hamas ends, according to Israel’s army leader, Herzi Halevi. Amid rumors of imminent ground operations in central Gaza, Israel claims to have struck over 100 locations on Tuesday.

Early on Wednesday, sounds of loud explosions could be heard from the Gaza Strip, which is located beyond Israel’s border.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, 382 additional Palestinians were hurt during the same day.

The ministry reports that in almost 11 weeks of combat, at least 20,915 Palestinians have died, the majority of them women and children.

The assertions made by the opposing parties have not been independently confirmed.

On October 7, Hamas launched a series of devastating strikes on Israeli villages, sparking the start of the conflict. Approximately 1,200 individuals died, most of them civilians. A handful of the approximately 240 individuals who had been abducted as hostages and returned to Gaza were eventually freed. In his own words, President Abbas has said that the conflict in the Gaza Strip is “beyond a catastrophe” and “beyond a war of annihilation”.

He described it as unparalleled in Palestinian history. In his first interview since the start of the conflict, he declared that the region had become unrecognizable and that the occupied West Bank may collapse at any time when speaking in Ramallah to an Egyptian TV station.

The Palestinian leader charged that by vetoing UN draft resolutions urging a truce, Washington was extending the conflict.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) chief of staff, Lt Gen. Halevi, stated at a press conference that the war would “continue for many more months” to guarantee that Israel’s “achievements are preserved for a long time”.

The Palestinian leader charged that by vetoing UN draft resolutions urging a truce, Washington was extending the conflict.
“There are no shortcuts when it comes to thoroughly dismantling a terrorist organization except being stubborn and determined in the fighting,” he stated. “There are no magic solutions.” The general stated that the IDF was almost done eliminating all of the Hamas units in northern Gaza while acknowledging that the terrain was difficult. He pledged to detain or destroy the Hamas leadership, no matter how long it took.

Egypt is said to have put forth a ceasefire plan, according to Israeli and Arab media.

There have been claims that the plan calls for the gradual release of all Israeli captives and an undisclosed number of Palestinian detainees detained in Israeli jails, with Israel’s onslaught coming to a stop.

In exchange for Palestinian captives, scores of hostages from Gaza were freed under a prior temporary truce agreement mediated by Qatar. Both Israel and Hamas have rejected requests for an extended ceasefire thus far.

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