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Should airlines like easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways introduce ‘child-free’ zones on flights?


Dec 29, 2023


It’s hard to go a week without a new story about “nightmare” children and their “entitled” parents hitting the headlines.

The latest of these divisive pieces, which often spark firece debate, centres around a European airline which has begun testing adult-only zones on its flights.

Corendon Dutch Airlines is set to pilot the idea on flights from Amsterdam to the Caribbean. It confirmed reserving a seat in the child-free section will cost an extra €45 per flight, rising to €100 for extra-large seats.

Atilay Uslu, chairman and founder of Corendon, said the airline is “trying to appeal to travellers looking for some extra peace of mind during their flight”.

Reaction to the news has been split, with some parents offended by the scheme altogether. Others have been supportive of the pilot, with both parents and child-free travellers alike keen on no-children zones or flights.

We want to know what you think. Are child-free flights a good idea? Would you be happy to pay more to sit in a child-free zone?

Should some flights be adult-only anyway? Or is there another solution to keep both child-free travellers and families happy?

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