• Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

​Long-term high fat diets linked to increased risk of COVID, finds study​


Jan 5, 2024


The coconut oil diets were found to impact gene expression the most, followed by the unmodified soybean oil diets, suggesting that polyunsaturated fatty acids in unmodified soybean oil play a role in altering gene expression. Microbiome changes, on the other hand, were observed to be more pronounced in mice fed with diets based on soybean oil, which the researchers said was the most commonly consumed oil in the US, and is increasingly being used in other countries, including Brazil, China, and India. They also noted that the findings applied only to soybean oil and not to other soy products, tofu, or soybeans.

COVID JN.1 variant cases rise: Two new symptoms detected


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