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ICYMI: Video Of Food Vlogger Trying Ant Cocktail Leaves Internet Divided


If there’s one thing that never goes out of trend, it has to be food experimentation. The Internet is loaded with numerous such videos, showing people mixing different ingredients to create something new and unique. One such video that is doing the rounds on social media is of an ant cocktail. You read that right. Food vlogger Nitin Tewari, who goes by the name ‘mr.bartender’ on Instagram, recently shared a post featuring him trying a cocktail, garnished with ants, at a bar in Mumbai.

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The video begins with Nitin Tewari explaining all about the place where he tried the unique ant cocktail. It was in a bar in Bandra, named Seefah, where he went for the cocktail named ‘The Antz’. As per the menu, the drink has mezcal, tequila blanco, grapefruit, vetiver, and saline in it. In the comments section of the post, he further explains that the ants were roasted, which added a crispy element to the drink.

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Watch the post below:

The video in no time took the internet by storm and garnered thousands of reactions. While some looked interested, totally some negated the idea of ants in the drink.

“India is getting influenced by this culture of eating worms, insects, bugs, and flies. It’s a good thing to adopt the way of life from other countries as it will enhance and give a better lifestyle. But such cultural shock will only make us lose the whole charm and beauty of Indian roots,” writes a person.

Another person termed the drink as “protein”. A third comment read, “Tried it! It’s such an experience.”

Another comment read, “Using life for garnishing…a clear no!” A person commented, “You haven’t eaten the ants in front of us. Show us if you tried them. Don’t mislead.”

A sarcastic comment read, “Somebody please inform PETA…People for Ethical Treatment of Ants”.

A person weighed in, “Fun fact: You can try ant chutney in Chattisgarh or some part of Maharashtra too”.

For the uninitiated, ants have been a part of Indian food culture for years. In the eastern part of India, especially in the regions of Odisha and Chattisgarh, red ant chutney makes for a very popular and delicious dish. So much so that in 2022, researchers sought a Geographical Indications (GII) tag for the dish, which colloquially is referred to as ‘kai chutney’.

If given an option, would you want to give these ant-based foods and drinks a try? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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