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Gujarat government plunges into submarine project to spur tourism around lost city of Dwarka | India News


NEW DELHI: On the lines of the submersible expedition to the Titanic shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gujarat government is set to take a plunge into submarine tourism by signing an MoU with Mazgaon Dockyard Limited (MDL) for acquiring a submarine in order to offer unique underwater experiences in the pristine waters around Bet Dwarka, a small island off the coast of existing Dwarka, and to the lost city of Dwarka that has submerged in the Arabian Sea. The place is of immense importance in Hindu mythology as it is believed to be created by Lord Krishna.
An official announcement regarding the submarine tourism project is expected to be made during the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which is scheduled to take place in Gandhinagar from January 10 next year.
The collaborative effort of the Gujarat government and MDL is meant to develop a submarine that is likely to weigh around 35 tonnes and will have a carrying capacity of 30 passengers. In this submarine, 24 passengers will sit in two rows and every seat will have a window view, so that one can easily see the natural beauty of the sea at a depth of 300 feet.
MDL chairman and managing director Sanjeev Singhal said that while the MoU has been signed, the construction of the submarine will start only after the final decision of the state government. “We have entered into an MoU with the government of Gujarat. We are still at the MoU level and until something is finalised, we cannot go ahead with the construction of the said submarine,” he said.
The mystery of Dwarka’s existence, both as a thriving city and its eventual submersion, has driven numerous archaeological expeditions along the Indian coastline. These expeditions brought forward submerged walls that were once a part of a fortified city, pottery, sculptures and artefacts.
Dwarka continues to be a popular centre of spiritual pilgrimage. The present-day Dwarka’s famous Dwarkadhish Temple, also known as Jagat Mandir, stands as a prominent place of worship and landmark. The submarine tourism project will not only reshape Gujarat’s tourism landscape, the state government’s initiative also has the potential to boost employment opportunities and attract investments in the region.


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