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Fans applaud Princess Charlotte’s sweet moment with cousin Mia Tindall


Dec 28, 2023


Princess Charlotte spent Christmas Day spreading kindness to her loved ones.

For the holiday, the royal family was in Sandringham to attend a Christmas service at St Mary Magdalene Church. On their way, the Prince and Princess of Wales took their three children – Prince George, Charlotte, and Prince Louis – through crowds, where they waved to and greeted fans and even picked up some gifts.

One person under the username @wikagechlo on TikTok shared a clip of the group walking, and the moment the children showed each other what they had received from fans. The video began with George showing Louis a teddy bear he had been gifted.

As the TikTok continued, Charlotte was seen holding a bouquet of flowers and so was her cousin Mia Tindall, the daughter of Mike and Zara Tindall. A member of the crowd then appeared to be trying to get Charlotte’s attention to give her a second bouquet, at which point Charlotte began whispering to Mia.

Mia then smiled and walked up to the person to accept the bouquet of flowers for herself. An on screen caption read: “Princess Charlotte let Mia get the flowers that were for her, but she let her get it.”

The TikTok went on to receive over three million views, with many people taking to the comments section to applaud the young royal’s kind gesture. “When Charlotte let Mia get the flowers she felt happy and included,” one commenter wrote with a heart emoji.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Her cousins appear to be really happy for Mia. I hope to see Mia more on events.”

“No but Charlotte and Mia are so cute, the way she said you can get it, Mia was so happy!! I love this,” a third commenter wrote about the interaction.

“I hated how nobody gave flowers to little Mia, but the family saw that, and made sure she was included, just made me sooo happy! They are all immensely close!” another fan wrote in the comments.

This isn’t the first time Prince William and Kate Middleton’s middle child has gone viral recently. Earlier this month, people said Princess Charlotte was turning into the spitting image of her mother based on their 2023 Christmas card.

On Saturday 9 December, the Prince and Princess of Wales posted their annual Christmas card to Instagram with a caption that read: “Our family Christmas card for 2023.” The photo was in black and white, with Prince William and Kate’s family all wearing matching outfits consisting of white-collared shirts and dark coloured pants.

Charlotte and her younger brother Prince Louis were also twinning in canvas sneakers. William and Kate each placed an arm around their sons while Charlotte took centre stage in a chair.

With over two million likes, many people directed their attention to the royal couple’s children and how grown up they appeared. Many of the comments specifically focused on Charlotte, with people unable to decide whether she looked more like her father or her mother.

“Princess Charlotte looks just like her father, Prince George his mom, and Prince Louis is simply the both of them,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “The children look so grown up. Charlotte is the image of her dad and Louis his mom.”

Other commenters gushed over how much Charlotte has grown up. “Charlotte is gorgeous and looks like a young Queen Elizabeth,” one commenter wrote.


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