• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

“Experts Warn: US Labor Laws’ Flaws May Hinder Worker Union Victories”

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Strikes by autoworkers, actors and writers brought wins in 2023, but analysts worry labor laws could undo progress

Labor experts see more wins ahead in 2024 for US unions after a year of attention-grabbing strikes and surging public support but worry gains may be stymied by the US’s “broken” labor laws.

Strikes by autoworkers, writers, actors, nurses and UPS staff all led to significant wins in 2023. “The big challenge for labor in 2024 will be to take that momentum and turn it into new organizing and getting first contracts where workers have organized,” said Ken Jacobs, the co-director of the UC Berkeley Labor Center. “That’s going to be a real challenge because labor law in the US is broken.”

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