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Christopher Nolan reveals one of his movies drew Peloton instructor’s ire


Christopher Nolan recalls his movie was slammed during virtual workout class
Christopher Nolan recalls his movie was slammed during virtual workout class

Christopher Nolan has recently shared interesting anecdote when his movie was roasted by a Peloton instructor during a virtual workout class.

After receiving Best Director award for Oppenheimer at the New York Film Critics Circle award ceremony on January 3, Nolan revealed, “I was on my Peloton. I’m dying. And the instructor started talking about one of my films and said, ‘Did anyone see this? That’s a couple hours of my life I’ll never get back again!’” via The Independent.

“When [film critic] Rex Reed criticises on your film, he doesn’t ask you to work out!” said the 53-year-old.

Nolan, however, didn’t share movie’s name which drew instructor’s anger

“Directors have a complex emotional relationship with critics and criticism,” remarked the British-American movie-maker.

Nolan explained, “A question we’re always asked is: Do we read reviews? Let’s start with the fact that I’m British. A typical family gathering will involve relatives saying to me, ‘You know, Christopher. You probably shouldn’t open The Guardian today.’”

“Obviously, writing about cinema objectively is a paradox, but the aspirations of objectivity is what makes criticism vital and timeless and useful to filmmakers and the filmmaking community,” stated the Dunkrik director.

Elsewhere at the ceremony, Nolan praised movie critics, adding, “In today’s world, where opinions are everywhere, there is a sort of idea that film criticism is being democratized.”

“But I for one think the critical appreciation of films shouldn’t be an instinct but it should be a profession,” added the director.


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