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Business Success Story: Meet Sapthagiri S Boggaram, The Man Bringing Exotic Sensory Delights To India | Companies News


Dec 29, 2023
Business Success Story: Meet Sapthagiri S Boggaram, The Man Bringing Exotic Sensory Delights To India | Companies News


New Delhi: Did you know that there are agarbattis designed for stress relief and meditation? Sugandh Lok store in Bengaluru goes beyond offering incense as a mere product; it provides an immersive experience. Upon entering, soothing spiritual music sets the ambiance, and a variety of incense sticks, ranging from traditional to unique flavors like chocolate, green tea, and pineapple, are on display. The store features rooms where visitors can understand the incense-making process and experience the ambiance created by lighting specific types of sticks. The brainchild of Sapthagiri S Boggaram, Director of Sarathi International Inc., the store is a sensory delight, but the real narrative unfolds in the story of the product and the individuals behind its creation.

Transformational Journey

Boggaram’s journey is one of transformation, evolving from a reserved individual to a confident business leader. Initially introverted during his time at The East-West School in South Bengaluru, he began to explore his potential at St Joseph’s College. After graduating from Monash, he joined the family business and transitioned into managing a substantial workforce. This pivotal phase marked his transformation from a quiet individual to an outgoing and confident leader.

Family Business Legacy

As a third-generation entrepreneur, Sapthagiri Boggaram is part of the family that operates Sarathi International, a major aggarbati manufacturer with a 75-year legacy. Supplying high-quality incense sticks to 43 countries globally, Boggaram recognizes his future lies in the family business, celebrating his 25th year in 2024 as a truly enriching experience.

Memorable Journey

Boggaram’s journey has been a rollercoaster, characterized by exhilarating moments and daunting challenges, especially with the initiation of a venture within the family business. “Sugandh Lok reflects my values, my vision for the business, and the essence of our products,” he explains. The experience, while exciting, came with stress due to the steep learning curve and uncharted territory. The agarbatti industry, according to Boggaram, is a unique realm, and his approach to it is equally distinctive.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Boggaram has ambitious plans for Sugandh Lok. He aims to expand by opening approximately four more stores in Bengaluru and extending their reach pan-India. Already taking steps towards this goal, the franchise has been established in Delhi’s Karol Bagh area, with discussions underway for potential franchises in Delhi, Mathura, and Brindavan. The overarching vision is to establish a network of about 100 stores within the next two years.

The e-commerce website is already in place to reach a broader audience and ensure a seamless shopping experience. Boggaram concludes by expressing the ultimate vision of Sugandh Lok: to revolutionize how people perceive agarbattis and incorporate them into their lives, introducing a fresh perspective to enrich the overall experience.


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